From Burdened to Balanced

If you don’t have enough energy, living life can be a pretty difficult thing to do.

I learned that the hard way when I had burnout and barely had the energy to get up in the mornings. How do you get your energy back? Why do you lose it in the first place? Why did I?

The problem wasn’t simply doing too much or resting too little. It was more complicated than that: It was the tension I held around my life experiences, my sensitivities to people and places around me, the way I criticized myself for who I was, a sense of never being good enough. This consumed a lot of energy.

It had locked me into a stressed state of mind, blocked any sense of ease or flow, and in the end, there was nothing left. I had burned out.

How do you get back to yourself and recover a state of well-being and vitality? How can you find a state of balance that eases your sensitivies and that allows you to be kind to yourself?

Essentially, it’s about eliminating from your life what is draining your energy – all the intangible patterns, stuck feelings and old pains you’re still holding onto… all those things that you can’t see or release by yourself because you’re too caught up in them to see them.

It’s what I did back then, what I still do to remain balanced and vital – and it’s what I can help you with. I can help you eliminate the intangible energy blocks and drains in your life that you can’t declutter yourself. That recreats a renewed sense of flow and vitality and your energy can soar again.