About Zita

Hi, my name is Zita Lekeberg. I’ve been in the field of complementary medicine for more than a decade and have completed a variety of professional trainings. I worked with all of them but left most of them behind because they didn’t support what I was trying to achieve.

As a therapist – and a person – I’ve always tried to work towards lasting transformation, not the temporary relief a massage can give, wonderful as that may be.

I’ve strived for the aha-moments that can change everything – everything you’ve ever thought and believed in, any feeling you’ve ever had because of that; the aha-moments that can release years of stress in the blink of an eye and open up new ways of living your life.

This is what I do. I’ll help you release the tensions you hold around stressful memories and around the parts of yourself that you don’t like. By releasing those tensions, new flow is created. Where there’s flow, there’s energy. Where there’s energy, there’s life. I want energy streaming back into your life and making you feel both at ease and energized to go.

I can give you real insights into why you are the way that you are, and why your life has been like it has. I will help you navigate the challenges you’ve experienced in a new way and transform the way you feel about your experiences. Any negative experience, any trait you don’t like about yourself will reveal a potential you might not know you had. I will show you your true inner nature, who you are meant to be, and what you need in life to feel happy, successful and fulfilled. Coming to peace with who you really are will create more energy than you can imagine.

How can I do this? I can do this by using the same principles that Chinese medicine is based on and by applying them to your personality and life experiences. There’s a science behind this and over 3000 years of research. The insights you can gain from an ancient knowledge of this dimension will blow your mind.

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