Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits on an Energy Clearing?

The immediate benefits of an energy clearing are in general an increased inner calm or peace – a bit like you might feel after a short meditation or a visualization porcess.  A lot of people feel more relaxed – a bit like you would after a massage.

You could feel tired during the hours afterwards – also just as you often feel tired after a massage. If you have the possibility, you should listen to your body and rest. It will help your system to adjust to the shifts in your energy fluidly. Alternatively, you could feel energized and revitalized.

The longterm benefits are impossible to name here because they are so unique to your personal situation. Every sinlge clearing you get releases blocks and stresses in your system, and the result are just that. How that will manifest in a real life situation is impossible to predict.

There can be direct and easy-to-spot results like a release in back pain or the sudden ability to decide whether to take that new job or not, but the results can also come slowly and gradually in a way that make it hard to even connect them to the energy clearing you received. It could be that you half a year down the line realize that your mother-in-laws nagging behavior just doesn’t bother you anymore – for some reason. — These are just random examples to illustrate what could happen.

The clearer enters a meditative state during a clearing, and as the “clearee” your energy synchronizes with the clearer, and you could call this “hitiching a meditation”. Regular clearings will have similar positive effects on you as a regular meditation practice.

Do we need to meet in person?

We don’t need to meet in person. All my work can be done remotely.

A Face Reading and a Timing in Life session are done via phone, Skype or another online chat platform like Google Chat or FaceTime. When you book a session you will get instructions on how to provide me with the information that I need from you in advance, as e.g. photos of your face.

A personal Energy Clearing is usually done the same way, via phone or an online chat platform. Alternatively, it could be done prior to our appointment – if the situation is time sensitive and requires it – and we would have a conversation about the impressions I got while doing the clearing to explain to you what happened and how it relates to you and your situation.

A Space Clearing takes a couple of hours and is done prior to our appointment. Before, I do the Space Clearing, we’ll talk about the proceedings and exchange the necessary information by email. You’ll have a good understanding of what I will go through during the clearing or your home or business space.

During following appointment on, e.g., Skype, I’ll explain to you the findings from the Space Clearing, and those might have a lot of useful information on why you had the experiences you did in the space. And of course, there’s time for you to ask any question that might have come up for you.



How does a Face Reading work?

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How does an Energy Clearing work?

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How does a Space Clearing work?
What are the benefits of a Space Clearing?

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