I have done many things in my life: I’ve lived in four different countries for a year or longer – Germany, Singapore, England and Sweden. I have two university degrees from universities in two different countries, and took the professional training that taught me what I do now in a fifth country, the USA.

I speak three languages – German, English and Swedish – fluently and have knowledge (admittedly rusty) of another two. I’m married to a man from a different country than my own, and together, we have two beautiful children. I live in a country, Sweden, that’s not my own.

I was born in Germany in the early 70s and went to university to study translation with Chinese as a first and English as a second foreign language. I lived in Singapore in 1998, where I studied Mandarin Chinese at the National University of Singapore, and there, surprisingly so, I fell in love with a Swede.

I returned to Germany, finished my translation studies, graduated with distinction in early 2001, and moved to Stockholm, Sweden. To learn Swedish and build a life, I went back to university to study what I’d always dreamed of studying: Linguistics. I graduated from Stockholm University with a Master’s Degree in General Linguistics in 2004.

Life is funny in many ways and teaches us lessons about ourselves that we’re not always prepared for. I’d wanted to get a PhD in linguistics and pursue an academic carreer because I loved linguistics so much, but during my last year of studies, I found that I didn’t feel comfortable in the competitive world of academics. Upon this reality check, graduating took a lot of effort and, along with my graduation, I got burn-out.

It took me almost three years to recover, and after those three years, everything about me had changed. I’d used complementary medicine to get myself back into balance – food, supplements, herbs, homeopathy. What finally got me back up on my feet was energy clearing done by a wonderful woman whose treatment got me to sleep deeply and restoratively for 13 hours a day for a week.

I had been inspired by complementary medicine, and decided to study naturopathy, a three-year full-time program, and to pay for it by becoming and working as a masseur. I did further bodywork training and became certified as a Revolving Therapist (a kind of fascial release technique), a kinesiologist (muscle testing) and a Bowen Therapist (another bodywork technique). Those techniques turned me into a fully flexed therapist.

I took all the modules of the naturopathy training but during the final stages, when working with case study clients, life surprised me again: I realized that I didn’t like the approach of trying to figure out what someone’s problem was and telling them what to do to fix it. It put pressure on me and the client, and it created a large number of rules to follow that made life feel tight, controlled and uninspiring.

So often, what people needed was someone who’d listen – listen to their whole story without judgement, People wanted to be seen and heard and get some compassion for their experience. If they could gain some new insight, it was just a wonderful bonus.

Chatting to people before or after a bodywork treatment or a naturopathy consultation could create opportunities to say a few compassionate words, and that seemed to have much more of an impact on how people were feeling than all the techniques I was using. It could sometimes lead to aha-moments about a life situation, allowing them to relate to their problem or experience in a new way and see a way forward.  That could create transformation and lasting change.

I came to long to spark that kind of transformation, but I had no idea how to achieve that on a regular basis or in a purposeful way. All the coaching trainings I checked out didn’t inspire me in their approach to helping people. I knew there had to be something out there but I didn’t even know where to start looking. The desire to facilitate personal transformation stayed with me for years, and part of me was always searching for the modality that would make it possible.

The things you wish for from the bottom of your heart and soul because you know they will make you a better version of yourself – they come to you eventually, and often when you don’t expect it.

I finally came across a magazine article on facial diagnostics, a part of Chinese Medicine that uses clues in the face to understand a person’s physical health. I read it with interest because I thought it could help me as a naturopath when trying to determine how to best address a client’s health issues. The article was fascinating and promising, and I wanted to find out more.

I bought one of the recommended books on the topic and simply chose the one that I felt most drawn to. It was “The Wisdom of Your Face” by Jean Haner. Once I’d read the first couple of pages, I couldn’t put it down until the last page was read.

The book wasn’t about facial diagnostics; it was about Face Reading, an ancient branch of Chinese Medicine that addresses the psychological and spiritual sides of of our nature, much more so than the physical. Because of that, it revealed why someone could develop the issues they had, and it also showed ways to dissolve those problems, yes, dissolve – not solve. Personal transformation!

The book seemed to be the answer to all my questions, and three weeks later, I was at the soonest workshop in Chicago, a 4-day workshop about Chinese Face Reading and Birthdate Reading. That workshop blew my mind. It was just one aha-moment after the other, about myself, about the people in my life, about life itself. It was a weekend that divided my life into a before-and-after.

When I came home, I told my husband that I’d gained the knowledge that doesn’t just make it possible, no, that is meant to let you ask the right question or say the magical words that can change how you experience your life, how you perceive yourself and ultimately who you are – and sometimes in just one split second. It felt like magic. I’d been handed a magic wand!

I contiued to study and became certified as a professional practitioner in what is called Discover Your Inner Design and comprises both Face Reading and Birthdate Reading (which has nothing to do with astrology). I still feel that they are create magic.

Deepening the understanding of my inner nature and who I’m meant to be has transformed every aspect of my life. Using the knowledge of face and birthdate reading has transformed how I see and relate to people, and it has made it possible to help them create that kind of transformational magic in their lives as well.

When you understand who you are and how to remain balanced, you stop wasting all your energy on judging yourself, criticizing yourself, and trying to fix what you think is wrong with you or others. Your attitude to life becomes relaxed and positive, and that both frees and creates a lot of energy that you can use to create a life that you find is right for you (not what other people or society have told you is right for you). That is what happened to me.

I have since added another modality that is based on the same principles as Chinese medicine: Energy Clearing. It addresses your emotional, mental and behavioral patterns in a different way than Face Reading and Birthdate Reading. It’s a techinique that lets you find the charges you hold and stresses you feel around who you are and what has happened to you, and it releases all the tightened blocked energy you hold around them.

As I mentioned above, another form of Energy Clearing was what had turned my situation around way back in spring 2006. So when I found a version of Energy Clearing that was based on the same principles as Face and Birthdate Reading, I knew it was for me!

It’s just as transformational as Face Reading and creates just as much magic – just in a different way. It has released so many of my stresses that I feel very different about myself and life these days than I used to. No matter what happens, I can either stay calm and balanced, or return to that state very quickly. Instead of being so hard on myself, I have compassion and trust that I have what it takes to live my life in a way that makes me feel authentic and fulfilled.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, I used to be so affected by life. Weather changes, noise, strong smells, chemicals, social situations with unknown or large numbers of people could really throw me over and make me feel unwell – emotionally and phsyically – for minutes, hours, sometimes days. Life was stressful and exhausting.

Energy Clearing released a lot of those built-up stresses and taught me how to keep better energetic boundaries, and while I’m still aware of all the things mentioned above, they are mostly just information and don’t throw me off balance anymore. That has created an easiness in my life and a feeling of being strong and in control of my experience – even though it has nothing to do with controlling anything … just the opposite: letting go and trusting the process of life. Life feels pretty damn good these days – at the end of the day.

It has taken commitment, dedication and practice, but understanding and expressing my true inner nature and using energy clearing to release stressed and blocked energy has given me more than I could have ever thought possible. I know how these modalities and their variations (reading the right timings in life and space clearing) can transform anyone’s life, and I’m passionately commited to using them to help others transform their lives, to eliminate the stresses of unliked emotional and behavioral patterns or the charge held around past life experiences, to rediscover and embrace their true selves, which eliminates a lot of energy drains and boosts energy levels beyond imagination.