To help you boost your well-being and energy levels

Face Reading

Our face reflects our true inner nature. We can read it like a map to rediscover who we are really meant to be. It helps us find a way through life that’s right for us, understand why we’ve had the experiences we’ve had, and why we’ve felt, thought and behaved the way we have. When we understand these things, we stop waisting energy on judging ourselves and our experiences. We experience a boost of energy as a consequence.
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Timing in life

As there are seasons in nature with a time to sow or harvest, there are seasons in our own personal energy – times to dream and plan, times to launch a project, or to reap rewards, and times to go within an reassess life. If we align with the right timing, we enter a sense of flow and don’t have to go through life feeling like we’re swimming upstream. Life becomes easy instead of a struggle, and that frees up a lot of energy.
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Energy Clearing

What we’ve been through and hold charge around is stored in our bodies as electrochemical energy. It triggers disliked behaviors, creates inner stress and therefore, it drains us of energy. As it causes us pain, we avoid it, suppress it so effectively that we may not even be aware of it anymore. Energy clearing helps us address issues without having to re-live the pain by releasing the stuck energy and recreating a renewed sense of flow.
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Space Clearing

We are constantly affected by the energy around us. We all know how stress in an office can stress us, too. The residue of that stress lingers in the space as an energetic frequency, and it cannot be aired or cleaned out. Space clearing frees homes and work places of those energetic dust bunnies and creates stress-free environments. In a peaceful environment, we don’t need to waste energy on coping with the invisible around us.
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All my work is aimed at raising your energy levels by helping you remove the elements in your life that drain your energy. There are different kinds of energy thieves. Some are physical like the stack of papers on your desk that you need to sort through or the broken light bulb you need to exchange.

Others are intangible: It could be the grudge you hold towards someone who hurt you, or the guilt you’ll always feel unless you do apologize to some you hurt. It can be the way you judge yourself for who you are, the feeling of not being good enough, the inability to say no, or the distress you feel everytime you remember a painful event in the past.

These different kinds of energy drains need to be addressed in different ways. I offer a number of modalities that are all aimed at eliminating the blocks and drains in your energy, creating flow and bringing new energy to your life.