Energy Clearing

Release Blocked Energy and Create Flow
When we talk about Energy Clearing, we need to talk about energy. Energy can be an illusive term, but we all have a pretty good understanding of what energy is because we experience it all the time:

We can feel the difference between the atmosphere in a church, a football stadium or a shopping mall the day before Christmas. The seaside feels different from the mountains or a forest. And we can sense if our best friend is feeling happy or sad.

We also perceive energy in another way: We either have it, or we don’t, and if we don’t, we feel tired and drained. If we do, we feel ready to take on life. Energy isn’t a harder concept to grasp than that. It’s simple. We feel and react to energy all the time.

Energy Clearing, as the name says, addresses and dissolves issues with our energy, and there’s an unlimited number of ways of how we could experience an energetic issue.

It could be the stress that takes hold of us before we head into work, or the pain we still feel everytime we remember the day our dad passed away. It could also be the tension in our neck that comes back just days after the masseur released it.

Any issue, no matter if it’s a feeling, thought pattern, behavior, memory, or inexplicable physical symptom – any issue that compromises our sense of well-being has a parallell energetic manifestation that we can address and release with Energy Clearing.

Energy Clearing is a subtle and instantaneous way of releasing energy blocks and recreating a renewed sense of flow. Where there’s flow, there’s a constant fresh supply of energy. Where there’s energy, we can live our life with a sense of well-being.


An Energy Clearing session takes about an hour and costs US$150.

To book a session, please contact me.


An Energy Clearing can be done remotely, and we can talk on the phone, Skype or another online platform.

A session takes about an hour and costs US$150.

To book a session, please contact me.