Face reading

Understand Your True Inner Nature
You have an inner nature that you were born with, a true self, that determines your preferences and strengths, your dislikes and your challenges. Your inner nature is the reason for why you feel the way you feel, think the thoughts you do and behave the way you’ve always done. It explains why you live in the manner you do.

As a small child, you freely expressed your true nature, but you were raised by parents with a different nature, adjusted to friends who were different, and you had life experiences that made it difficult over the years to be in the flow of who you really are. The great potential of who you could be has partly been suppressed and lies hidden inside of you waiting to be rediscovered and expressed.

The outline of your true self isn’t just internal. It’s reflected in the features of your face and if you know how to decipher the meanings embedded in the size of your nose, the thickness of your eyebrows or the strength of your jaw, you can read yourself like an open book.

I know how to read that language and can translate it for you to help you reconnect with who you were meant to be. Once you understand why you feel, think and behave the way you do, it’ll transform the way you feel about life and how you react to it.

Every weakness or negative trait – as you used to judge them – will reveal a strength and a positive potential that are waiting to be expressed. You will stop wasting energy on judging yourself, or trying to fix what you considered wrong.

A Face Reading session includes a birthdate reading, that has nothing to do with astrology or even Chinese astrology, but has to do with the patterns of how energy moves through time.

The day you were born you were imprinted with the energy that existed in nature at the time and gave you a set of personal patterns that run through every experience of your life.

Understanding these patterns in addition to the patterns revealed by your face gives you a highly accurate reflection of your inner nature, your true self, and having someone like me read and translate them for you will let you relax into who you really are. You can start living a life that matches your inner nature, and that will create a flow that will carry you forward.


A Face Reading session takes about 75-90 minutes and costs US$200.


To book a session, please contact me.



A Face and Birthdate Reading session can be done remotely, and we will have the conversation on the phone, Skype or another online platform.

A Face Reading takes 75-90 minutes and costs US$200.

To book a session, please contact me.