What people say

Thank you for the very thorough space clearing and personal clearings. I immediately noticed a feeling of calm and peacefulness in our house when I opened the front door and stepped in upon returning from our trip. I also have felt more energized when getting out of bed the past two mornings, and I have completed some clean up jobs around the house that I had been procrastinating on doing. I also notice my teenage son behaves more calmly and less reactive to everything I say or do.

Doug M.

San Francisco, USA

After the personal clearing you did for me, there was a huge shift: I was forced to do a reality check and had to realize that I can’t change my brother and make him make the right choices. In other words, I realized that I can’t solve his problems … or anyone’s problems. It was like a lightbulb moment – a knowing. I just all of a sudden relaxed and let it go. My whole thought process about everything to do with fixing others’ problems has changed. It’s like I can’t even think about that stuff any more – it’s a fleeting thought, then gone! Whew – that leaves space for a whole new life!

Karen P.

Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for your wonderful, incredible, powerful clearings. HUGS. I don’t know how else to say this: I just think the WORLD of you!!!! I have so very much to tell you about the deep shifts I can feel happening in my life, and I am sure it is because of you. It is like I am finally starting to become the person I’ve always wanted to be in the world. All the things stopping me are no longer in the way.

Amie M.

San Francisco, USA

Wow, blown away by your impressions as always! Thank you so so much! And it’s so funny how I feel like I’ve been in sort of a slump for the past few days, which happens to me occasionally when I allow myself too much time to think way too much out into the future and worry about things that won’t even happen…ahaha. But now, that “fog” has completely lifted and I feel so much more upbeat and back to normal. THANK YOU!

Riley K.

Oakland, USA

Wow, Zita, that was amazing! Thank you for seeing me and helping me see myself! Such a gift!

S. L.

Novato, USA

Thank you so much, Zita. I really appreciate the time and skill of your face reading. I had many insights that I hadn’t considered before. Much to ponder now.

Manda S.

Milwaukee, USA

I was having a pretty good morning, but then all of a sudden my head was not right and my energy felt very low. After a little bit, I was suddenly getting better again and had even more energy than I’d had before. Then your email arrived telling me that you’d just done the clearing for me! How incredible is this work?!!?

Kathy B.

Alberta, Canada

Hi Zita! thank you again for the very thorough clearing and all of your great feedback! I have felt very relaxed and peaceful today, like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so amazed by the positive effect a clearing done by an experienced practitioner can have. Thanks again for your time and thoughtfulness!

Doug M.

San Francisco, USA

Zita, you are a lifesaver! When you cleared me I had this huge whoosh of energy that went right out the top of my head and then a much calmer feeling. So thankful for you!!

Nancy R.

Austin, USA

Once again, your clearing impressions were so accurate, and I just want to write you a note of gratitude by saying thank you again. I’ve noticed many shifts in my life since you started clearing me regularly. It’s been a wonderful experience every time.

S. L.

Novato, USA

Thank you for clearing both of us and doing that touch-up clearing of our bedroom! Your intuitive impressions of what was clearing were so spot on. Just as you sensed and said, my husband’s stress builds up and accumulates, and it accumulates in the matrass until neither of us can wind down anymore. Last night after you clearing, we slept like logs both of us, and he slept through the night for the first time in ages.

Melanie M.

Malmö, Sweden

Wow, that was an effectful clearing yesterday! You intuitively picked up on so many of my current issues: the anxiety and fear, the nausea and the terrible pain between my shoulder blades. – I am better today, less anxiety and the pain is not gone but way less intense. Thank you so much!

Robin F.

Helena, USA

Thank you so much for the clearing! You pretty much summed up how I see and feel about the situation. I feel so energetically clear, right now! And hearing about your clearing impressions just gave me a huge sense of relief and empathic comfort!

Betty K.

Los Angeles, USA

You were in the zone last week when you cleared me! I’ve been having bad allergies, along with some lung issues. On Saturday I finally coughed some stuff up, and it’s been better since. I think your clearing really helped me.

Sharon P.

Portland, USA